Top 3 Nigerian Women Making Waves in the Web3 Space

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Top 3 Nigerian Women Making Waves in the Web3 Space Do you love seeing women making an impact? Do you aspire to be a woman with such influence? Or do you have a sister who loves Web3 and wants to make a great positive impact in the Web3 space? If yes, this blog is for…

Top 3 Nigerian Women Making Waves in the Web3 Space

Do you love seeing women making an impact? Do you aspire to be a woman with such influence? Or do you have a sister who loves Web3 and wants to make a great positive impact in the Web3 space? If yes, this blog is for you.

Many Nigerian women are making waves in the Web3 space, but we will highlight three in this blog. These top three Nigerian women have invested their time, passion, and resources into standing out in the Web3 space. They are building the infrastructure, applications, and communities that are shaping the future of the decentralized web in Africa. Let’s meet these inspiring leaders:

1. Oluchi Enebeli: Championing Web3 Adoption in Africa

Image source – Instagram profile

Oluchi Enebeli is an astute thinker and visionary known for her innovative approaches and community-building efforts in the blockchain space. Renowned for her ability to create new ideas, strategies, and systems, Enebeli excels in building complex and creative programs that drive business innovation and growth. She combines her technical expertise as a Senior Blockchain Engineer and Technical Product Manager with a strong academic background in Applied Mathematics, alongside ongoing advanced degrees in Blockchain and Digital Currencies, and Computer Science.  Here’s a detailed breakdown of her accomplishments, interesting facts, and work experiences:


Spearheading Web3Ladies:

Enebeli is the driving force behind Web3Ladies, Africa’s leading and largest non-profit Web3 community for female developers. This platform empowers women in the blockchain ecosystem and promotes diversity in technology, boasting over 15,000 members across multiple African countries.

Global Recognition:

Enebeli has been recognized globally for her achievements, being listed among the Top 10 Women in Web3 Changemakers and honored as a Rising Woman in the Crypto Power List. These accolades highlight her influence and impact in the blockchain industry.

Interesting Facts

Technical Expertise:

Enebeli is well-versed in agile development practices and has successfully deployed projects using the Agile Scrum methodology. Her expertise lies in developing cutting-edge solutions for wallet infrastructure, asset ownership, and decentralized finance.

Thought Leader and Speaker:

Oluchi Enebeli is a sought-after speaker and thought leader, sharing insights on blockchain technology, women empowerment, and diversity in STEM. She has delivered keynote speeches at renowned industry events such as the Techpoint Africa Blockchain Summit and the Filecoin Lagos Conference.

Works and Contributions

Blockchain Industry Contributions:

Throughout her career, Enebeli has made significant contributions to the blockchain industry by working with startups and leading blockchain firms. She has developed innovative solutions that drive business growth and enhance the blockchain ecosystem.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion:

Through Web3Ladies, Enebeli has been actively involved in mentoring and empowering women in the Web3 ecosystem. She has attracted sponsorships from prominent blockchain companies and facilitated collaborations for blockchain education in Africa, fostering diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.

2. Victoria Okoroji: Pioneering Web3 and Fintech Innovation in Africa

Image source – LinkedIn profile

Victoria Okoroji is a visionary leader in the Web3 and fintech landscape in Africa. She has played a significant role in driving blockchain technology adoption and fostering financial inclusion through her innovative educational programs and community initiatives. Currently, she is enhancing her expertise with an MBA focused on Fintech and Blockchain at Nexford University. Here’s a detailed breakdown of her accomplishments, interesting facts, and work experiences:


Africa Web3 Advisor at Sorted Wallet:

Victoria Okoroji is an Africa Web3 Advisor at Sorted Wallet, where she focuses on increasing blockchain technology adoption and promoting financial inclusion across the continent. Her expertise in Web3 marketing and content marketing drives the mission to build a connected and financially empowered community.

Project Lead at Valucop Dev Africa:

At Valucop Dev Africa, Okoroji leads and manages various projects within the community. She is responsible for developing new educational programs, launching community events, and forging strategic partnerships. Her leadership ensures projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

Community Builder at Valucop Global:

For over a year, Okoroji has been a pivotal figure at Valucop Global, utilizing generative AI models for content creation and forging strategic partnerships with key industry players and academic institutions. Her efforts have significantly enhanced the credibility and reach of the startup’s offerings.

Product Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer:

As a Product Marketing Manager and Chief Marketing Officer, Okoroji has managed product ideation to launch, created Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies, and founded an EdTech startup focused on developing job-readiness courses to bridge the skills gap in the evolving job market.

Interesting Facts

Educational Background:

Victoria Okoroji holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Her academic background complements her professional dedication to Web3 and fintech innovation.

Ongoing MBA in Fintech and Blockchain:

She is currently enrolled in an MBA program with a focus on Fintech and Blockchain at Nexford University, further enhancing her expertise and aligning her educational journey with her professional goals.

Community Building and Strategic Vision:

Okoroji is renowned for her ability to create new ideas, strategies, and systems. Her work in community building and strategic partnerships has been instrumental in driving business innovation and growth within the Web3 space.

3. Helen Imah: A Catalyst for Web3 Innovation and Community Growth

Image source – Twitter 

Helen Imah is a dynamic Data Scientist and Web3 expert, known for her ability to drive growth and strategy while fostering collaboration within the tech community. Currently a Developer Advocate at Cartesi, she seamlessly integrates her expertise in data management and analytics with her passion for community engagement. Here’s a detailed breakdown of her accomplishments, interesting facts, and work experiences:


Empowering Web3 Brands with Web3 Marketing Expertise:

Helen Imah is the CEO of HIBOATmedia Int’l, a web3 marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses leverage the power of web3 marketing to achieve brand awareness and customer acquisition. Recognizing the immense potential of Web3, Helen is a strong advocate for Web3 adoption and uses her web3 marketing expertise to specifically help Web3 companies reach new audiences and build their online presence. HIBOATmedia Int’l offers a comprehensive suite of web3 marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of Web3 projects. Their services include crafting targeted marketing campaigns, building strong brand identities, maximizing return on investment (ROI) through strategic use of digital channels, and creating a user-centric marketing approach that fosters engagement and loyalty within the Web3 community.

Developer Advocate at Cartesi:

Helen Imah serves as a Developer Advocate at Cartesi, where she promotes the adoption of emerging technologies within the developer community. Her role involves organizing events, engaging with developers globally, and fostering a supportive environment for innovation.

Regional Business Ambassador at Cartesi:

Previously, Imah was the Regional Business Ambassador for Cartesi, where she was instrumental in business development and strategy, particularly within the Nigerian market. Her efforts significantly contributed to Cartesi’s growth and presence in the region.

Digital Marketer and Creative Trainer at SKYHub Nigeria:

In her role at SKYHub Nigeria, Imah combined her skills in digital marketing and creative training to educate and empower individuals. Her part-time position allowed her to impact the community by providing valuable knowledge and skills in the digital realm.

Interesting Facts

Educational Background and Recent Graduation:

Helen Imah holds a B.Tech in Computer Science from the Federal University of Technology Akure and a National Diploma in Computer Science from The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Recently, she graduated from Vrije University Brussel with a Master of Applied Sciences and Engineering, specializing in Computer Science with a focus on Data Management and Analytics. Her journey was enriched by collaborating with the R&D team at RENSON Ventilation – Sunprotection – Outdoor for her thesis, providing her with a deep understanding of real-world applications in the data field.

Bridging the Gap Between Web3 and Marketing:

Helen’s company, HIBOATmedia Int’l, is dedicated to helping Web3 brands navigate the Web3  landscape in Africa. They offer targeted marketing campaigns, strategic brand development, and ROI optimization, all tailored to the unique demands of Web3 projects. By leveraging a user-centric approach, HIBOATmedia Int’l fosters engagement and loyalty within the Web3 community, ensuring that their clients not only reach but also resonate with their target audiences.

Passion for Community Engagement:

Imah is deeply passionate about connecting with developers and championing the adoption of new technologies. Her work often involves collaborating with web3 communities globally, organizing events, and making technology accessible to a broader audience.

Multifaceted Skill Set:

With a background in Applied Sciences and Engineering, Helen Imah brings a diverse skill set to her roles. Her expertise spans data science, web3 technologies, growth strategy, and community collaboration, making her a versatile and valuable asset in the tech industry.

These are just a few of the many Nigerian women driving Web3 adoption in Africa. Their dedication, creativity, and leadership are paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future powered by blockchain technology. Let’s all support these inspiring leaders and the growth of Web3 in Africa and beyond. Do you know any other Nigerian  women doing wonders in web3? Mention them and their contributions in the comments below!

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